Disney Princesses Reimagined As Parents Includes Breastfeeding, Labour and Nappy Changes

Disney princesses have been reimagined in many different ways, but this time they’ve entered the world of parenthood.  Isaiah Stephens, who calls himself a ‘Disney mashup guy’, decided to turn fairytale royalty into relatable parenting, with nappy changes, labour and breastfeeding. So if you ever wondered what happened after ‘happily ever after’, it might just be […]

‘Kicks Count’ Launch App For Pregnant Women To Track Their Baby’s Movements And Help Prevent Stillbirths

A pregnancy and stillbirth charity has launched an app to help expectant mothers track their baby’s movements. Kicks Count said the launch is part of their drive to “educate and empower” mums-to-be about preventing stillbirth.  The app allows mums to log their baby’s movements and displays graphs so women can see patterns of regularity.  All it requires is […]

Instagrammer Kerri Verna Hits Back At Bottom-Shaming Trolls Who Said Her ‘A** Was Too Big For White Shorts’

When Kerri Verra, a yoga Instagram star, posted a photo of herself wearing white shorts, she was cruelly targeted by a body-shaming Instagram troll who said her ass was “too big” to wear white shorts. Despite having almost one million followers and receiving thousands of likes on each photo, Verna is no more immune to […]